NOT ALL AR 15, Asshats Say

17 corpses, more than 50 victims: the 18th school shooting is one of the worst in years/months/days. Gov. Rick Scott called it "an act of pure evil", unable to understand why "an angry man with a gun would commit such a crime, I mean it's horrible the way he fired this gun and injured so many people in such a short time, it's thrilling isn't it?"


Trump has sent his thought and prayers to the victims who were able to read his tweet and hopes the NRA will stay strong during these difficult times. He also reminded the victims and their families that "Not all AR 15 make tiny holes in american kids." The statement was used by other Republicans, among which Jeff Sessions: "Most AR 15 are not used to kill American kids: they're used to kill bad kids in shithole countries. We have to look at the case, not at the tendency."


The NRA refuses to see the connection between a country where there are 101 guns for 100 people and a total of 30 mass-shootings in 45 days.


Trump's views on gun control have been criticized for a while, especially since his government passed a law that allows people with mental issues to get guns and kill kids in schools. However, he does not seem to pay attention and refuses to have a debate about gun control in schools where kids don't want to die, arguing that thoughts and player are enough to heal the victims who can still read. On Twitter, #GunControlNow is everywhere and after 30 mass-shootings in 2018, gun-lovers could have a hard time if people managed to find a cause and effect relationship between taking a fucking bullet in the head and dying. Over and above, republicans have a new target: alarms. The local authorities believe that Nikolas Cruz pulled the alarm to draw people out of classrooms and kill more of them with his gun that was not responsible for anything at all because he would have done the same with a tiny stick. Is security a threat? That's what Republicans are debating now, and they should give us the answer tomorrow after the next rampage.

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