Nu Metal Drummers Asking Why They're Single

Nu Metal is one of the most criticized subgenres in the Metal world: lack of personality, dubious hybrids of funk, grunge, hard rock, hip-hop, and Taylor Swift, strong tendency to think a good concert and Korn insulting the audience for an hour are the same thing, so many reasons to start a genocide.


A problem that the metal community barely talks about but resurfaces as Nu Metal is trying to make its comeback, is the survival of the species. Indeed, a poll made on more than 10,000 metalheads has shown that "97% of them would never ever have sex with someone who plays in a Nu Metal band, even the ones who actually like Nu Metal."


If guitarists always manage to find love one night or two in a lifetime, it has been proven that 100% of Nu Metal drummers are single. And they don't seem to understand why they're single.


Antoine, the drummer in the southern French band Fear Cannelés, has been single since his birth and finds "sad that nobody can see the beauty of drumming in a Nu Metal band. It's a mix of simplicity and making people believe that we are talented, and then it's quite brilliant to play like it's not the 8th time it's the exact same rythm in a concert.


I want love."



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