Depressive Suicidal Black Metal Band Wants You Feel The Good Vibes

Vanhelga's new track Relationship in Pieces is available on YouTube and we cannot wait to hear the rest of the album. The band, formed in 2001, is not your typical Black Metal band: for once, maybe all this talk about how, you know, life is shit and everything is terrible all the time will make sense and bring you something else than a deep melancholy.


Vanhelga's members make what they call "positive music for positive people," as in, yeah it's DSBM-ish and if you like Apati, Lifelover, Psuchonaut4 or Eskapi, you'll probably love Vanhelga, but while the video clips usually are dark, contain depictions of depression and suicidal tendencies, they manage to sneak a weird kind of joy into their music and/or texts, as one can hear in the unexpectedly cheerful Through My Veins, released three years ago.

"I am drawn to this music as its not only unique but familiar and I have felt heavy despair in my personal life. Especially in the past year. The feeling of isolation and solitude is relateable to myself and its as you are not alone feeling this way.


I really enjoy the ironic use of almost happy melodies in their music that further captures the emotional aspects as if no one understands you.", Josiah P. explains.

It's soft, it's cathartic, but it's not only a cure for morosity, it's a pathway to the next step: waking up the next morning and starting your day positive.

In Relationship in Pieces (RIP), the musical atmosphere is somewhat darker, closer to the slow and drawling DSBM we're used to (oh hi Totalselfhatred), but the song is far from depressing. Rather than thoughts, we have a story.

As you might have guessed, the song deals with post-breakup (or at least it looks like a post-breakup song) and how being with someone for a long time shapes you. Worse, it wires your brain in a way that's hard to unlearn, and the loss of a significant other leaves you with the feeling that you don't know anything.

But know what? Memories are a pain in the arse, they torture you (de plågar mig), they mess up with you and in this case, won't do shit but making you feel like the nobody you don't wanna be.


So stare at the horizon, that one's still here when the sun rises, be the rebel your brain don't want you to be and make a choice.

You can run in circles, or you can listen to Vanhelga and start your day positive, life is terrible and amazing.


Vanhelga seems to be one of these bands that will not only help you get through difficult times: it will stay with you once you've gone through them and inspire you.


Daria L., from Russia, says "What I really love is lyrics. Every single song. What is behind the words, how it sounds, the language (which inspired me to study swedish, now I’m so thankful for it) - everything."

She also explains that the song, released the day a friend of hers passed away-to whom we would also like to dedicate this article-has a special meaning for her and helps her move on. 


Fredagsmys, their new album, will be released byOsmose Productions on June 29th this year.





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