"Denuclearize North Korea or I'll nuke you," Trump Tells Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West has met Donald Trump to talk about prison reform and discuss a potential pardon for a 63-year-old woman. However, the president of the United States of America did not look like he understood a lot. "I had a great time!" he told the journalists, sweating bullets.


When asked about the meeting, Kim did not seem satisfied: "He was like 'no more nuclear weapons in your country or I'll nuke you' and I don't know if it was a joke, but I laughed. I only did it so we could start talking about the real problems. I'm not sure he got everything, he seemed a bit...I don't know. Too excited?"


There are now concerns Trump thought it would be Kim Kardashian all along.


Kim tried to convince the president to pardon Alice Marie Johnson, who is serving a life sentence for a minor first-time drug offense, but the decision is now entirely up to Trump, and Kardashian has been widely criticized for being an extremely unlikely negociator-but in the Trump era, maybe she's the one we deserve.

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