"See, his heart is pure" say dumb cunts

Following the release of Robert Mueller's report, many trumporters and conservatives around the world have felt the need to praise Trump for his righteousness, since : 


"No collusion: Mueller did not find Donald Trump's campaign or associates conspired with Russia, Barr wrote.


But Mueller did not exonerate Trump: Mueller did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute obstruction of justice, Barr wrote, but he did not exonerate the President.


Evidence lacking for obstruction of justice: Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made the determination that the evidence was "not sufficient" to support a prosecution of the President for obstruction of justice." [CNN]


apparently means Trump is innocent, regardless of whatever "not exonerate" means. The fact that Trump apparently did not set up an entire operation with Russia "means his heart is pure" Lindsey Graham said, shortly before talking about his cyanide intolerance.


Other dumb cunts were happy to explain that not working directly for Russia and managing to have a lot of business contracts with Russians and getting their money for non-political purposes was proof that Trump, who is seeking re-election in 2020, must be the new messiah and that everything should be forgotten, "this lawsuit being the most important one, the 20 something accusations of sexual assault, alongside with  proven cases of obstruction of justice, tax evasion, fraud, campaign violations, lying to congress, first amendment violations, emoluments, embezzlement (involving charities), racketeering lawsuits and other heinous crimes are all gone. He is an absolute saint." (Eric Trump)



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