Joaquin Phoenix Reminds Viewers Killing The Rich Even Funnier In Real Life

It's the biggest October weekend opening box office ever, with $93 million in sales : Joker is undeniably a hit and Joaquin Phoenix' performance might earn him the Oscar.


The new Joker is an original combination of gruesome violence and mental health issues that accidentally leads to a down-on-his-luck Arthur Fleck's rise to fame, and seduces the viewer by making the Joker a likable victim. 


What people did not expect is that Phoenix wouldn't stop at the end of the movie. The actor has stated that he found the character "inspiring" and that what is funny, moving or relatable in a movie should no stay within the confines of a movie. 

After a few interviews, the actor put on his makeup and went on a rampage in Twin Falls, Idaho where he killed twelve CEOs before making a live statement:


"You know, while I was acting in that movie, I realised : wouldn't it be funny if the fourth wall could be broken for real? What if, instead of talking about real problems we see in a fictional story, we confronted these problems like they are confronted in movies ? What if nobody deserves to be this rich and your lords and saviours have had way too many occasions to help, but never lifted a finger ? What if the real predators were finally scared of you ? The best thing about killing the rich is, it's even funnier in real life." 


An international arrest warrant has been issued against Phoenix, who is still on the loose.

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